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Hoses made while you wait

Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

Most hydraulic hoses can be made to order within 10 minutes, keeping downtime to a minimum. We carry extensive stock of all hydraulic fittings and hose types from 3/16” - 2”.

Powerfit use Manuli hoses and fittings, to guarantee the quality and give you piece of mind that the Manuli brand give.

Along with the Manuli hoses and fittings we also use Manuli hose assembly equipment in our workshop and also in our vans.

We also now use the Manuli Spiralfit, ‘through the rubber wire trap technology’ on many of our multi-spiral high pressure assemblies. This not only speeds up production time but also protects the steel reinforcements in the hose.

Hydraulic Valves, Adaptors & Filters